About Mail Rule Actions

You can use the following actions when creating a mail rule. These actions are available for both incoming and outgoing mail rules unless otherwise noted.

You may have additional items in your actions list that are not documented here. These are custom actions: add-ons to the default Response Manager installation. Custom actions should come with their own documentation explaining how they operate.

(If you’re interested in developing your own custom actions, or having them developed for you, contact emailtopia Sales for further information.)

move it to the specified group mailbox

Use this action to move a message to a different group mailbox. When this action is chosen in a group mailbox rule, further rules processing for the current group mailbox is stopped and incoming mail rules processing for the destination group mailbox begins. This action is available for incoming mail rules only.

Move action options
Move action options

assign to the specified user

Use this action to assign a message to a specific Response Manager user. The user must belong to the group mailbox where the message is located, otherwise the message will not be assigned to the user. If necessary, you can first use the “move it to the specified group mailbox” action to move the message to the appropriate group mailbox, then use the “assign to the specified user” action to assign the message. This action is available for incoming mail rules only.

Assign action options
Assign action options

The Show all users option is enabled for group mailbox rules. Normally, only members of the current group mailbox are listed. If you select this option, all users are shown. This may be necessary if you’ve also selected the move action for this rule, meaning the message will no longer be in the original group mailbox.

This action overrides the Assign customer replies to previous owner group mailbox option. If you want to exclude messages assigned by this option from your rule, specify an exception of “is assigned.”

categorize it as category

Use this action to categorize a message.

Categorize action options
Categorize action options

send a message

Use this action to automatically send a reply or other message. You can use a standard response or compose a custom message.

Send message action options
Send message action options

See Working With Standard Responses for information on the message options.

close it

Use this action to change a message’s status to Closed. This action is available for incoming mail rules only.

shred it

Use this action to permanently delete a message. Once a message has been shredded, no further rules will be executed for it. This action is available for incoming mail rules only.

stop rules processing

Use this action to stop processing rules on a message. Any rules appearing below the current one in the rules list will not be executed if the current rule’s conditions are met.

When used in a system rule, this action does not prevent group mailbox rules from running for the message; it prevents only the processing of further system rules.

reject message with a comment

Use this action to reject an outgoing message and include a comment for the sender indicating the reason for the rejection. For example, you may not allow outgoing messages to contain certain words. This action will send the message back to the sender (it will appear in the user’s Response Manager Inbox) so they can correct the message and resend it. This action is available for outgoing mail rules only.

Reject action options
Reject action options

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