Configuring POP Pickup for a Group Mailbox

A group mailbox can be configured to pick up mail from a POP account on another server. Use of this feature is sometimes the easiest way to get mail coming into a group mailbox. It eliminates the need for any complicated forwarding or rerouting of mail that might be necessary for SMTP delivery to the group mailbox.

Before enabling POP pickup for a group mailbox, you should have it set up with the desired assignment method, incoming mail rules, etc.

To set up POP pickup for a group mailbox:

  1. Gather the server and account information for the POP account you want to use. If you don’t know it, ask your POP account provider. It’s the same information you would need to set up a mail client to connect to the account: server address, username, and password.

  2. Click POP Pickup in the group mailbox properties dialog box.

    Pop Pickup dialog box
    Pop Pickup dialog box
  3. Select the Pick up mail from this POP account option.

  4. Enter the address of the POP server in the Server field; for example: If the server uses a nonstandard port number (110 is the standard), enter it after the host name, separated by a colon. For example:

    One port number—995—is handled specially. When you specify to connect to the POP server on this port, a secure (SSL) connection will be used.

  5. Enter the account name and password for the POP account in the corresponding fields.

  6. Enter the number of messages to pick up each time. If there are more messages waiting than the maximum specified here, the remaining ones will be picked up during the next connection to the POP account.

    Response Manager picks up mail from only one account at a time. If you have more than one group mailbox configured for POP pickup, setting this field to a fairly low number like 25 ensures that Response Manager doesn’t spend too much time downloading mail before moving on to the next account.

  7. Click Test. Response Manager will attempt to connect to the POP account using the settings you’ve specified. A dialog box appears with the result of the test. If an error occurred, the problem is explained; if the connection was successful, the number of messages waiting to be picked up is shown.

    POP account test results
    POP account test results
  8. Click OK.

Once you have enabled POP Pickup for a group mailbox, Response Manager Server will connect to the POP account at the interval specified in the POP Pickup server settings (see POP Pickup Settings). After the waiting messages have been delivered to the group mailbox, they are deleted from the POP account.

POP Status

The Status area of the POP Pickup dialog box provides information about Response Manager’s last attempted connection to the POP account. If you suspect a problem with delivery of mail via POP to a particular group mailbox, check this area for messages that will help you resolve the problem.

POP status
POP status

You may also view information on POP (and SMTP) mail delivery in the mail log maintained by Response Manager. See Mail Log.

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