Moving or Reinstalling Response Manager

If you ever need to move a Response Manager installation to a new computer, this section explains how to do it. You may also use these instructions to reinstall Response Manager on the same computer. Make sure to read the entire section before beginning the process.

  1. Stop the emailtopia Response Manager and emailtopia Response Manager Reports services.

  2. Perform a full backup of the Response Manager server and database.

  3. If you are moving your Response Manager database to a new SQL Server server at the same time, restore the database backup to that new server. To confirm all is well with the moved database, connect to it using SQL Management Studio and execute this query: select top 1 time from rm_log order by time desc. The result is the time of the last activity recorded in that database. Make sure it is what you are expecting before proceeding.

  4. Find the Response Manager installation folder. The default location is C:\Program Files\emailtopia\Response Manager\.

  5. Back up the following Response Manager data folders:

  6. Delete the file from the backed up Server\logic folder.

  7. If you have any custom reports (or are unsure whether you do), back up these folders:

  8. If you are reinstalling on the same computer, uninstall Response Manager. Use the Start menu shortcut under the Response Manager program group, the Programs and Features control panel, or run the original installer. If prompted to restart the computer, make sure you do so. After restarting, delete all remaining contents of the Response Manager folder.

  9. Install Response Manager on the new computer (or the same one, if you’re reinstalling). Make sure to install the exact same version and build number that was installed before. Restart if prompted by the installer.

  10. If Response Manager Config starts automatically, cancel it.

  11. From the installation directory’s Server folder, delete these folders:

  12. Copy these backed up Response Manager data folders (from Step 5) to the Server directory:


    That’s all the backed up Server subdirectories except for logic.

  13. Copy the contents of the backed up Server\logic folder to the new Server\logic folder, replacing existing files.

  14. Copy the backed up Reports\logic folder to the Reports folder, replacing the existing folder.

  15. Run Response Manager Config from the Start menu (or launch Server\bin\RMConfig.exe) and configure the server using the Use existing database option.

  16. If they are not already running, start the emailtopia Response Manager and emailtopia Response Manager Reports services.

  17. If you backed up your reports in Step 7, copy the contents of the xml and xsl folders to the corresponding subfolders in the Reports\tomcat\webapps\hortonreports\ directory of the new installation. Do not replace any existing files.

  18. Restart the emailtopia Response Manager Reports service to enable any custom reports restored in the previous step.

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